Taking Trouble Out of The Team Years
Jane S Flynn MA LPC-S, LCDC-I

Jane S Flynn MA LPC-S

I help parents to understand the issues teens face today and support their kids in successfully navigating the adolescent years.

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Mental health issues in adolescents can often be prevented by educating families about the complex connections between mental health and diet, neurobiology, spirituality, environment and culture.

Emerging science now offers us an inside look at how imbalances in the brain negatively impact a teen’s moods, behavior, relationships and academic performance. Studies also show that a positive therapeutic relationship can help build new neural networks in the teen’s pre-frontal cortex, enhancing their brain functioning, self-esteem, empathy and ability to form lasting relationships.

Lagging developmental skills and unsolved personal problems often lie behind a teen’s challenging behavior. I offer a multi-disciplinary approach to address emotional challenges. By helping teens strengthen their skills of flexibility, adaptability, frustration tolerance and problem solving, they are better prepared to meet the rapid changes they are encountering in education, careers, families and society.

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